"Man can't hurt the Earth!"

Here is a list of websites that publish disinformation on ecological issues, among other things. These opinions are forged by economic or religious agendas and the idea that Man owns the Earth. A standard theme is that people concerned about ecology are pessimistic socialists hell-bent on driving Man back to the caves. These people think that business as usual on an ever-larger scale will solve our problems; that we can grow our way out of situations caused by growth.

These sites are not listed in any particular order and the categories may overlap.

General greed-based rhetoric:

Overpopulation.com (Libertarian rhetoric and devious Overpopulation "FAQ")
Progress And Its Sustainability (computer science professor shows little concern for nature)
Julian Simon (America's most outspoken growth addict - RIP)
"Hard Green" by Peter Huber (another conservative with no conscience)
American Enterprise Institute (home of Ben "The Birth Dearth" Wattenberg)
Conservative News (a backwards spin on environmental news)
Free Market Environmental networkRoom (when did money get a conscience?)
American Land Rights Association (land is finite, greed is infinite)
Blue Ribbon Coalition (wilderness includes noise and gasoline fumes)
Environmental Lies (off-roaders who quote out of context)
Greening Earth Society (they think we need more C02 in the atmosphere)
Global Warming Information Page (should be named www.globalwarming.COM)
Ayn Rand Institute (selfishness as a way of life; an overreaction to socialism)
Science & Environmental Policy Project Web Site (denial masquerading as objectivity)
Liberty Matters ("liberty" at any cost, including the destruction of nature)
Environmentalists: The New Life Haters (more denial and self-interest)
The Rational Anarchist HomePage (more denial and self-interest)
Economically Viable Alternative Green (standard "overpopulation myth" rhetoric)
Rush Limbaugh Online (another forum for his Creationist lies about nature)
The Reagan Information Interchange (like father, like son when it comes to nature)
Lyndon Larouche (hard to categorize, but generally disturbing)
Reform Party Website (Perot is folksy, but no friend to the environment)
Living Marxism (September 1994 issue is especially ignorant)
Africa 2000 (false assumptions about ZPG and racism)
Extropy Institute (blind faith in technology, no acceptance of limits)
Houston Space Society (space-colonization touted as solution to overpopulation)
American Petroleum Institute (oil is finite but propaganda knows no bounds)
Petition promoting inaction on global warming (defiance, not science)
Pushback & Bill Wattenburg ("good environmentalism" never questions growthism)
Junkscience.com (too many dismissals of environmental concerns)

Religious propaganda:

Catholic Online
Catholics on the Internet
Population Research Institute
Overpopulation Is A Myth (PRI sub-site)
Human Life International
Pro-Life America

Conservative think-tanks:

National Center for Public Policy Research
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Cato Institute
Reason Foundation
Heritage Foundation
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Heartland Institute
Pacific Research Institute (see deceptive Environmental IQ quiz)

Common disinformation technique (bell curve manipulation)

This list will be updated as more sites are found. Suggestions and URL corrections are welcome.

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